How the Valley Controller Works

The Valley Controller eliminates the need for a splash or diverter and is designed to take maximum advantage of three things present on your roof, wind, water (and the properties of water). The more efficiently your products' design uses these three things, the better it works.

Demo video
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The Valley Controller shape is designed to fit the area where a gutter and a roof valley join at an inside corner. It is purposely over sized to allow trimming to fit with different styles of valleys, gutter sizes and leaf protection. Its upper end is concave to fit easily under the shingles, which directs the water flow onto its top. Its length allows for progressively collecting water not only from the width of the gutter but also over the first row of shingles. It is molded with an inner wall which allows it to be fitted to straight gutter

The Valley Controller mold was polished making the surface as smooth as possible. It is installed with a pitch matching the roof slope. All of the edges of the water slots are radius-ed to prevent debris from sticking. These features allow wind, water and gravity to more easily move debris down and off the roof. The large number of independent water slots easily gets the water into the gutter.

Water Slots 
The water slots are designed to give water a surface to adhere to. The downward slope of the ramp guides the water under the top of the Valley Controller. The radiused edges and side walls keep the water perfectly aligned with the ramp openings. This reduces turbulence allowing maximum water flow. Water adhering to a surface works great at getting the
water to go through the ramp openings, but also allows it to adhere to and sheet down the inside surface of the Valley Controller. A small bar is molded on the bottom of the ramp openings to prevent sheeting water from interfering with incoming water. The ramp openings are sized to allow shingle grit to pass through.

The Valley Controller's complex design is molded with Kostrate a rubber modified acrylic. It is stable over a wide
temperature range. It has a UV stabilizer added. It stands up to all weather conditions. If the Valley Controller doesn't provide you with 12 years of serviceability, we will ship you a new one for free. Although the color in our photos is white, our customers have requested it darker so our product is now manufactured black to match darker color roofs.


Installation Video
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Q: Will the Valley Controller cause an ice back up?
A: The Valley Controller has no affect on how much ice is formed it has a direct affect on where it is formed. Ice will form on the outer surface of the valley controller instead of the roof valley and the gutter.

Q: Can I change the color?
A: Yes, acrylic based paint bonds with the Valley Controller. Although the color in our photos is white, our customers have requested it darker so our product is now manufactured in black to match darker color roofs.

Q: I have a valley that has no diverter on the gutter. The wind and water do not seem to move the debris down the valley at all. I have to remove the debris by hand. Will the Valley Controller fix this?
A: If you do not have enough force from the wind, water and gravity on your roof to move the debris, the debris will not be moved over the Valley Controller.

Q: Will debris catch in the openings?
A: Yes some will it usually works its self loose or goes through the ramp openings. With all the openings the vc continues to trap water.

Q: What happens to the debris and shingle grit that enters the gutter?
A: The material that can enter is so small that it easily washes out of the gutters.

Q: What maintenance is required?
A: Many people will have none. It may require a simple brushing. Tree sap may require washing off.

Q: What do you use to cut the Valley Controller?
A: Metal snips. We do not recommend cutting with power saws.



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