About Us

Barnetts Valley Controller is the sister company of Barnett Spouting, Inc. It's a second generation family business that consists of three members who have a total of 86 years in the seamless gutter industry.

Gutters is all we do. We do excellent work and work hard at providing service to our customers.

With the growth of the gutter leaf protection industry, we have received many complaints about leaf protection systems that failed to control the water flow on inside corners, or that what had been installed to solve the problem created a dam that collected debris which then allowed the water to track around it, missing the gutter.

In response to these problems, Barnetts Valley Controller was designed. Our goal was to design a product that would get the water into the gutter and not provide anything for material to collect against and create a debris dam.

We knew it had to be compatible with all leaf protection systems. Barnetts Valley Controller meets all these requirements. Our 86 years of real experience provided a practical solution to many roof gutter problems. If you need us, we will be there.

Sincerely, Lynn, Mary and Wayne Barnett

Lynn, Mary and Wayne Barnett with Barnetts Valley Controller


Priced for the homeowners and contractors alike:

Box of two:$38.98
Box of four: $66.99
Contractor Pack (20): $289.00


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